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A message from Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino

Are new people scared to join your gym? Do you have members who want to do fun workouts that are different every day, but they don’t want to learn how to use a barbell or do advanced exercises like muscle-ups? These members need their own program that they can be PROUD of. They need a workout that is fun, challenging, and well programmed to shape their body while keeping them healthy for a lifetime. They need Rhino Bootcamp!

Camp Rhino has two locations. Out of 600 members, over 300 of them are lifetime Bootcampers, many whom have been attending for over 10 years! Over the last few years, we have been asked by other gyms how we have made our Bootcamps so successful. We realized it was time to offer up our Rhino Bootcamp methodologies and programming so other gyms could easily grow their membership by attracting a new demographic and increase their member retention.

My brothers John and Brent have 21 years of combined experience coaching bootcamps. They program, John leads ALL our Rhino Bootcamp Programming coaches and I provide marketing/staff support. As a team we will never stop listening to your feedback and improving our bootcamp programming.