BootCamp Rollout

$159.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $750.00 sign-up fee



  • 1st 4 weeks of ‘intro’ programming which trains the coaches on the movements, formats, cues, conversations and hype-building in the classes in a day-by-day, step-by-step video series.
  • On-going warm-ups and workouts. The workouts are different every single day
  • Programming released 1 week in advance
  • Social media ‘bootcamp hype’ posts for the upcoming week of classes
  • Tomorrow Show released every day for the next day’s programming to your coaches. Includes timeline, cues, modifications/alternates, and phrases to ‘build the bootcamp hype’ in the classes.
  • Includes Marketing Best Practices and Build-up to the Roll-out
  • Sales Scripts
  • Staff Training Modules and programming roll-out **You don’t have to do anything except find a happy, nice coach


  • On-going weekly coaches meetings with our lead coach
  • Email campaigns to past clients and new clients (Uplaunch journey, or plug into MailChimp)
  • Ad Copy
  • Social Media Events and Best Practices
  • Rhino Bootcamp Photos – Ready to use
  • Rhino Bootcamp Commercial – Ready to use
  • Website copy – Ready to use


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