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Rhino Bootcamp Program? 

We build programming that gets your members results while keeping them from getting bored and leaving.

The programming is available a week in advance, but we don’t stop there. We want your coaches to be as excited as possible to coach bootcamp, and we want your part-time coaches to be just as good as you. So, we built what we call ‘The Tomorrow Show.’ Every morning the next day’s programming is tested a day early by John Johnston, co-founder of Rhino Bootcamp Programming, in his morning bootcamp classes. He then makes necessary changes and produces ‘The Tomorrow Show’ for all of your coaches where they are shown:

  • a live video of the class in action
  • the timeline the class follows
  • what cues to use for the exercises
  • how to get members excited about the workout
  • how to hype the rest of the week to keep members excited
  • and all the other tips and tricks only a 10+ year veteran bootcamp coach would know.

The programming is brand new every day. We have 4 of our veteran (10+ year) Bootcamp coaches spending 20 hours a month on the best bootcamp programming, but you can get it for only $159 per month! 

It is a huge undertaking to build a good bootcamp programming, requiring passionate trainers and dozens of hours a month of programming time, which is why Rhino Bootcamp is so successful! We can get ANY of your coaches excited about our bootcamp, guaranteed! They will look forward to the weekly programming and deliver the Rhino Bootcamp classes with enthusiasm and pride. Our entire staff teaches both CrossFit and Bootcamp classes and the trainers are equally excited about both, resulting in a super fun mix of classes available to our members. While many of our Bootcampers switch to CrossFit, and visa versa, most of the Bootcampers tell us that they would never do CrossFit, and if that was the only thing we offered when they started, they wouldn’t have joined. We hear the same from CrossFitters.

The Rhino Bootcamp programming will always be fresh and use equipment that most normal CrossFit gyms would have, along with additional, optional FUN programming that will recommend new equipment. There are alternates offered just in case there are more members than equipment, or some equipment is missing.

When you sign your gym up to receive our Rhino Bootcamp training and programming, you become part of the Rhino Bootcamp family. You are included in our Facebook Group where we are always posting the newest marketing material and Rhino Bootcamp videos. You are allowed to use the term Rhino Bootcamp on your website as one of your offerings, and we will also include you in our directory of Rhino Bootcamp locations.

One of the best parts about offering Rhino Bootcamp is that your members will have more options. Many of our members switch to Bootcamp when they get injured because the modifications are easier and there is a lower injury rate in general with our Bootcamp program (because there is no heavy lifting.) You will attract a much larger demographic and have a way to ‘onboard’ new members who just want to lead healthier lives.

The Rhino Bootcamp program has brought fresh programming, new ideas, and excitement into our Shred program. It is also providing a great source of consistency in our coaching with the “Tomorrow Show.” Additionally, it has helped us improve our reach into a different type of client and help them look great and feel awesome. Finally, it has freed up multiple hours of programming that I was doing. Win, win, win!!!

Ric Thompson

CrossFit PTC

Rhino Bootcamp has been amazing! Truly, it has freed me from hours of Bootcamp programming each week, and was a seamless transition for my members. It is creative, fun, and dynamic. Uses equipment we already have in house (and gives use to some just taking up space!). Best of all- it is challenging! A lot of my CrossFitters bounce between CrossFit & Burn because they love how creative the workouts are. Bro-Camp is the best of all!! A ton of my burly tough guys join Burn on Tuesdays just for the beach gains!!


Cobra Command CrossFit

Like everything else in my business, it’s a hack for saving time. I could figure out everything myself OR I could follow in the steps of a successful program. Mentorship saves time, money, and accelerates growth. It gives me confidence and direction in entering a new market segment.


Locomotion Fitness